Life Investment Services


The investment objective of the Trust is to provide Unitholders with long term capital growth through the selection of a diverse base of long positions in Real Estate, Medical, and Sell off of companies. The Trust is structured such that it is an eligible investment for registered accounts.

Historically, this portfolio has been available to investors through separately managed accounts whose performance has exceeded major indices since the service’s launch in 2007.


The portfolio of the Trust represents a concentrated high conviction portfolio that favors Real Estate over stocks and offers a balanced alternative to other banks.

In addition to positions in larger Real Estate, the Trust’s smaller size allows investors to benefit from investing in less liquid market opportunities where larger funds are at a liquidity disadvantage.

How do we make you money. We have many ways. One is Real Estate. Right now in this area we have the hottest market for real estate. Our fund will buy and sale at a higher price.  We also work with low investments of $66,000 so this gives us a better advantaged to buy into many smaller condo and apartments.  Mexico is now bringing many American and Canadian tourist for medical procedures. We own and continue to buy into medical labs and offices to perform these many treatments. 

A person that invest $100,000 for one year will see a return of $40,000 or more.