About Ricky Solon




Ricky Solon, PA, PhD

Ricky is one of the early pioneers and experts in applied stem cell research. Dr. Solon founded publicly traded company Star Laboratories, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2013

He is the founder and chairman of stem cell supplies, Puerto Vallarta Life Investments., a leading stem cell laboratory and research facility as well as Hedge fund, located in Nuevo Vallarta. Stem cell supplies is at the forefront of research on the effects of adult stem cells on the course of several chronic diseases and conditions. The stem cell laboratory is fully licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hUCT-MSCs) that were isolated to create master cell banks are currently being used in the United States. These cells serve as the starting material for cellular products used in MSC clinical trials for two Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy patients under US FDA’s designation of Investigational New Drug (IND) for single patient compassionate use. (IND 16026 DMD Single Patient) These trials are the first in the United States to use hUCT-MSCs. Stem cell supplies, is currently conducting phase I/II clinical trials for multiple sclerosis, autism and rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Solon is founder, chairman and chief science officer of stem cell supplies, which specializes in the treatment of human diseases and conditions with adult stem cells, primarily human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Established in 2000, Stem Cell supplies is one of the oldest, most well-known and well-respected stem cell therapy clinics in the world.

Dr. Solon is an established inventor. He is the inventor or co-inventor on more than 25 patent families, including 11 issued patents. His team collaborates with a number of universities and institutions, including National Institutes of Health, Indiana University, University of California, San Diego, University of Utah, University of Western Ontario, and University of Nebraska.

He has made a number of novel discoveries in the field of cancer research since the mid-1990s